Low Impact land clearing


Our new farm has some very overgrown areas that need to be cleared of brush and made available for grazing and or vegetable growing. The common method of clearing and is to backhoe and bulldozer to clear the trees which would be put into a pile and burned. Because our landholding is small and because I don’t have a backhoe and because I don’t want to burn, we are doing what I have come to call low impact clearing. We use a tractor and chains to pull trees which are piled and allowed to decompose. It takes a little while longer but on our scale it makes sense - may be a little cheaper and less disturbing of the soil. It takes just a year for the trees to break sown enough they can be spread and incorporated into the soil. Not sure this is practical on a large scale. We are leaving some of the trees in rows to provide shade for the animals and eventually timber.