All of our products are raised on pasture for superb taste and tenderness.

Poultry Products

Chicken Parts



Boneless Skinless Breast (20 lb, each breast packed separately)

Whole Bone in Skin on Breast (20 lb, each packed separately)







Thighs (20 lb - four thighs to a pack)

Wings (20 lb - 6 or 8 wings to a pack )

Leg Quarters (20 lb, 2 to a pack)

Drumsticks (20 lb, 4 to a pack)

7 Cut up Chickens (whole breast, wings, thighs, drumsticks - no back and neck)

Necks and Backs for stock18 lbs

Whole Chickens


Whole Chickens come in 20 lb boxes.  I almost always have the White Cornish Cross.  From time to time I raise a red broiler from European stock, which proportionally has more dark meat than the Cornish and an excellent flavor.







Three 6.5-7 lb chickens

Four 5 lb chickens

Five 4 lb chickens 

Six 3-3.5 lb chickens

4 whole chickens and a bag of roughly 16 feet                              

2 chickens and 3 bags of feet (about 45)

Pet food 

Ground Meaty Bone ( ground carcasses)
(20 lbs, packed in 2lb tubes)



Whole Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys are packed with hearts and livers

8-9 lb Turkey out of stock until the fall

10-11 lb Turkey

12-13 lb Turkey

14-15 lb Turkey

16-17 lb Turkey

18-19 lb Turkey

20-21 lb Turkey


We are packing pork in 10 lb boxes. You will want to order two boxes to fill a layer in the shipping container

sausage 60

bacon 70

chops 80

loin roasts (three 3.5 lb roasts) 80

butt roasts (two 5 lb roasts) 60

pig feet 20

pork soup bones 20

fat 20

Muscovy Ducks  

We have whole Muscovy ducks available now.  The hens are 4-5 lbs $35 and the drakes are 8-10 lbs and cost $50.  We aren't selling cases of these but can replace some product in a box with a duck (ie. one male duck and enough boneless skinless breast to fill up the box.  With the next batch we will be cutting up the drakes and offering Breasts and legs separately.