Our Partners

US Wellness Meats

US Wellness meats started out as a group of farmers selling their own beef.  They grew and started including other products.  I think we were their first partner, selling our products through their website.  It has improved our ability to serve more of the United States.  They have really good overnight shipping rates, and we recommend anyone who needs overnight shipping (small orders and mostly folks west of the Mississippi) to order through them.  Click here to go to their website.

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

CFSA is the organic and sustainable growing group serving the Carolinas.  We have been involved with them since we moved to SC in 1993.  They are a great group of people providing education and advocacy for the growers and consumers in our region.  Click here to go to their website.

The Healthy Food Store (2051 Elijah Ludd Rd Ste 3; Florence, South Carolina 29501) sells our products.  They sell a variety of healthy foods and supplements.

Ovis Hill Farm and Market

Charlie Caldwell started here in Darlington SC about the same time we did.  He has a mobile farmers market and has a presence in Florence and Myrtle Beach.  Careful, he can bend your ear. Click here to go to his website.

APPPAAmerican Pastured Poultry Producers Association

The American Pastured Poultry Producers Association serves producers and consumers of "real" free range chicken.  Free range chicken by USDA definition is simply chickens with access to the outside -- in other words, there's not a requirement about how much time is spent on range, what kind of range is made available and so forth.  Therefore, many of us in the industry now use the term "pastured poultry" to indicate chicken which is truly ranged. Go to their website to find growers in your region.

Other sites to help you find local food include Eatwild.com and LocalHarvest.org

I came across Robert Plamondon's work on the APPPA list serve.  I like how he thinks.  He does some interesting work with poultry and has republished some older out of print poultry books.  A good source of information on how it used to be done.

Garden of Life and The Makers Diet

15 years ago or so I got a call from someone who wanted chicken feet.  This was an unusual request but we saved some feet and sent them on.  Soon much to our surprise we were getting regular calls for chicken feet and started making them available regularly.  It turns out Jordan Rubin, in his book The Maker'sDiet, was recommending adding chicken feet to our diets.  Who knew?  In short he recommends a Kosher diet but he also recommends eating more of the animal.  Those eating just chicken breast or boneless steaks are missing out on all the chicken or calf have to offer.  Adding bones and chicken feet to broths adds a lot of goodies, especially good for intestinal healing.