Hurricane Florence


Hurricane Florence passed over our farm just this past weekend. She brought high winds and about thirteen inches of rain with her. The farm made it through with relatively low damage. Fortunately, we are on high ground allowing the water to run down into the lake nearby. We had a generator that I bought during Hurricane Matthew that we used to keep the well running and lights on. Unlike in past years, we did not lose any of our pine trees. The ones we lost two years ago were cut up and are being used to build some barns and chicken sheds.


All of our animals fared well with no losses. With the exception of the ducks, none of the animals particularly enjoyed the extended rainfall. They are all very happy hanging out in the wet. The pictures don’t show it very well but the ducks are perched on our clothesline in the rain.

To all those more seriously affected by Hurricane Florence, our thoughts and prayers are with you!