Available Products

All of our products are raised on pasture for superb taste and tenderness.


We offer a variety of chicken products. Chickens are either a White Cornish Cross or Red Broiler breed. It is packaged in smaller quantities and sold in 20 lb boxes (typically 4-5 bags of product per box).


Pigs are here! We are regularly carrying them to market (aka the butcher) and are available in a variety of cuts. Ask us if you have any special interests or cuts you would like. 


We don't have any turkey available right now. We typically only offer turkey products between November - early January as long as supplies last.

Grass Fed Beef

We do not currently have any beef products available. Until we start raising cattle again, I recommend ordering some of John Roger's grass fed beef through . I will forward any inquiries onto him and handle any shipping for him and you.