Turkeys are ready!

We started out turkey poults in swimming pools this year and did real well with that.  We have found baby turkeys to be real fragile and the pools dida good job of cutting down on drafts and giving them no corners to pile up in.  This only lasts a week or two as they pretty quickly start jumping out of the pools.  Then we move them to outside shelters for a month until they are ready to be turned loose.  They do roam on the farm.  Getting everywhere and on everything.  Much to my chagrin they like to chew on the wires on my trailers.

The birds are mostly Broad Breasted Bronze with a few Broad Breasted Whites.  We bag them with the necks, hearts and livers for those of you who like to make your own gravy. Mmmm.  they range from 10-20 lbs now but we may have some bigger ones as we get closer to Thanksgiving.