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Pricing October 2016

Most of our product is packed into 20# boxes.  We can send one, two or three of these to you in an insulated shipping container.  New this year is a box of 3 larger chickens (about 6.5-7 lbs).  I have added this in the interest of economy.  The larger chickens are cheaper per pound to process so I can offer them at a lower price.  Can't get these birds much over 7 lbs though.  We get them this big by keeping them in the field a little longer.  Great for roasting or boiling for chicken salads and soup.

Free Range Chicken Boxes



Whole Chickens  (20 lbs)      

Red Broiler or White Cornish Cross

Three 6.5-7 lb chickens   


Whole Chickens  (20 lbs)    

Red Broler or White Cornish Cross

 Four  5# chickens             


Whole Chickens (20 lbs)

Red Broiler or White Cornish Cross


Five 4# chickens 


Whole Chickens (20 lbs)

Red Broiler or White Cornish Cross

Six 3-3.5# chickens          


Boneless Skinless Breast 

20  lbs


Cut Up Chicken w/o neck and back

7 Cut up Chickens  20 lbs


Whole Bone in Skin on Breast

 20lbs usually 13 pieces



20 lbs



20 lbs





        Leg Quarters

20 lbs



20 lbs


Whole Chicken w/feet

20 lbs (4 chickens and 16 feet)



2 chickens and 48 feet

$ 50

Backs for stock or Pet Food

18 lbs bulk packed


Pet Food



Ground Meaty Bone

20 lbs packed in 1lb tubes



20 lbs


Ground Chicken        



Cranberry and Sage Turkey Sausage                  









I have the turkeys in!!!  They are Broadbreasted Bronze and mostly weigh between 14 - 22 lbs.  I have a very few in the 12-13 lb range.  They are the Broad Breasted Bronze breed.  We had some confusion at processing and not all the birds have hearts and livers inside.  Please let me know if you want them and I will try to satisfy you.  Here are prices:

12-13 lbs $57
14-15 lbs  $62
16-17 lbs $66
18-19 lbs $68
20-21 lbs $70
22-23 lbs $72

Turkey Seconds:  We have several turkeys that are missing a wing or had some skin trimmed at processing.  We call these seconds and while they won't be as pretty as the other turkeys they are still good eating.  We discount these 10%.  Let me know if you would like one of these birds.


Grass Fed Beef

Until I have beef again I am recommending you consider John Roger's grassfed beef.  I will forward inquiries on to him.  I will handle the shipping for him and you.


Pastured Pork

The pork is ready!  We will be carrying our pigs to market (aka the butcher) in the next couple weeks.  It will be available a few different ways:

You can buy a half or a whole pig.  This is the most economical way to buy your pig and you get the whole hog, head to tail!  If you place your order before we cut them up you can have it cut up the way you would like and you can choose your sausage seasonings.  The price for this is $3.20/lb hanging weight.  There is an additional charge for curing bacon and grinding sausage.  If you take everything a 150 lb side will yield about 100 lbs of ordinary cuts and another 20 lbs of organs, head, hocks and miscellany.  The yield depends in part on how it is cut up .

I also have 20 lb boxes of pork for $120.  Each box contains 2 roasts (loin and/or shoulder) a feww chops and some bacon and italian sausage.

Place an order soon and we will go over cut sheets with you.

This pork is really good.  The colored hogs we raise (tamworth and berkshire cross) are fattier than commercial hogs.  You will notice the difference in the roasts and chops.  We barbecued one last fall and had available a few popular sauces but decided the dry rub was all it needed.  Any sauce would diminish the pork.  It was spectacular.

Shipping Details


We ship with both UPS and FedEx.   We try to ship on Tuesdays but may shift the day to accomodate our needs or to work around holidays. 

Ground Shipping

In the Carolinas:  One box ships for $25, two 20 lb boxes ship for $30, 3 boxes ship for $35.

Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia,  New Jersey, Delaware:  Two boxes ship for $35 and 3 boxes ship for $40.

And providing that FedEx can get it there in 2 days which includes most of the rest of the country on either side of the Mississippi and east :  Two boxes ship for $45 and 3 boxes ship for $50.

The heavier the box the better it will ship. Two or three of the 20# boxes will keep for 2 days.


Overnight Shipping:

If your order needs to ship overnight then I will recommend you run your order through US Wellness Meats.  I am one of their poultry suppliers and their overnight rates are so much better than mine that you do better ordering through them.  Look at their bulk chicken packages:


Ordering   Please fill out an order form and I will contact you to confirm your order.  I can e-mail you a price and you can pay with a credit card or paypal account or you can mail me a check.  We try to ship on Mondays or Tuesdays but may shift the day to accommodate our needs or delivery schedules around holidays.


Thank you very much.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

David White



Last Published: November 1, 2016 8:15 AM
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